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Intellidrench Technologies Limited (IDT) is a leading software development company in KENYA in associated with Bharathbrands Pvt ltd, providing several technological services to promote digital business transformation. IDT is known for its customer relationship management services with respect to software services across the globe. We develop and consult several Application development aspects and technological integrations with clients across the globe.

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We integrate legacy software systems with in the organization which are running on different platforms and technologies developed over different point in time, both internally and externally with outside world systems through microservices based APIs.



Though our integrated 360-degree Data Mining, communication & Distribution Platform, we manipulate the data models and create effective data model structures that allows the oganisation access to their data safely and efficiently, through microservices based APIs.


Enterprise Application

We develop and implement all phases of an enterprise's business process, as MVC Core, Mobile and Web Applications purely over microservices based APIs.

Development & Support

We provide complete end to end application development & support, on a well-planned , well-structured, time and material basis, with practical SOW.

Mobile & Web Applications

We provide web, Mobile and Gadget apps optimized for a good digital experience.

ERP development systems

Building a scalable system that integrates all business management, with integration APIs for other systems to integrate with the built system seamlessly.

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Intellidrench is a software development house providing innovative IT solutions and the highest quality of services to clients in the finances/banking Industry. We provide software development, system audit, system architecture design, project management and business consulting services based on customers' requirements. Our services models are based on time and material based Master services agreement that guides the overall partnership modalities and with each assignment agreed upon individual SOWs.

Partnership Model

In this model, We work with our clients on a partnership agreement where the client doesn't take much pressure on investing in the technology, where the investment is shared between the client and us for us to make it easy for our client to achieve what they want in planned timelines. We hold the client's technology stress throughout the agreement period making it easy for the client to grow their business with complete focus.

Managed Services

We undertake projects that are so confidential and which are in a very initial and primitive stage where our clients would want to involve our technical expertise from day one for them to plan and draw the whole requirement. Sometimes these projects also involve a lot of trials through the waterfall method to achieve a practical suitable solution for the client's business Process.

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